Di, 01/03/2022, 23:59 Uhr

Fonds TURN 2

Kulturstiftung des Bundes

In 2012 the Federal Cultural Foundation launched the TURN Fund for Artistic Collaboration between Germany and African countries. Over the past eight years, the programme has awarded 12 million euros to fund 101 joint international artistic and interdisciplinary projects. These involved the participation of cultural producers and artists from over 30 partner countries on the African continent. After eight years, the demand for funding measures which promote artistic collaboration between African countries and Germany has not waned, but rather increased – especially among German cultural institutions. Past experience with TURN projects has vividly shown that debates, for example on addressing colonial rule with all its repercussion in the 21st century or topics like migration, climate just and global economic orders – cannot be adequately conducted without comprehensively including African positions.

The TURN2 programme consists of three key instruments: a funding programme, a residency programme and transcontinental academies.

The application-based funding programme supports artistic and cultural projects which are carried out as part of transnational collaborations with partners from African countries. The projects must have at least one African partner, but may include several other international partners. The projects should aim to stage events in the corresponding African partner countries. The TURN2 Fund is open to institutions based in Germany. Applicants must apply for at least 50,000 euros with at least 20 % of the total expenses secured with their own resources or third-party financing. The funding programme offers two application rounds, for which 1.5 million euros will be awarded per round.

The funding guidelines of the TURN2 Fund, the attachment with recommendations on promoting fair cooperation. The online application form and useful downloads can be found here: