Mi, 09/03/2022, 15:00 Uhr

Zwischen den Stühlen – Nachhaltige Förderstrategien für Projekte mit transtraditioneller Musik

ONpaper. Digitale Workshopreihe von inm / field notes berlin | ON Cologne

The new music of our time is visibly breaking away from Eurocentric traditions and concepts and is opening up to new influences. However, established funding structures seem to have difficulty keeping up with changes in artistic practice. Thus, many projects that adopt underrepresented artistic perspectives or explore alternative forms of music production and presentation fall through the cracks of public cultural funding.

This workshop will explore ways to develop sustainable funding strategies for music projects that move between musical traditions, genres, and cultures. Together we will discuss when translation work is needed and how to anticipate and rebut potential objections to grant applications. We will also introduce funding institutions in Berlin, Cologne, and at the federal level that explicitly support artists and artistic approaches that have been insufficiently represented so far.

The online workshop aims to impart basic knowledge and works with input units, group discussions, small group tasks and collegial exchange.

Cymin Samawatie & Ketan Bhatti (Trickster Orchestra)

Wed, 9 March 2022 3-6pm (via zoom)


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Participation is free of charge.

Unfortunately, the online workshop is not barrier-free at all levels. We will make every effort to accommodate different needs and adapt the workshop if you provide us with appropriate information in the registration.

Target Group:

This workshop is aimed specifically at actors in Berlin and Cologne who relate different musical traditions, genres and cultures in the field of new music.

About ONpaper

In this year's online workshop series ONpaper, which we are organizing again together with ON Cologne, experts will teach basic skills for working in the independent scene.

Under the heading "Application Fitness" we will get you ready for project funding in the spring. In addition to classic workshops with introductions to the funding landscapes in Berlin and Cologne, application writing or accounting, this year we are exploring new formats such as Meet the Jury, informal get-togethers on funding or sessions for writing applications together.

Although the independent scene defines itself in part precisely by breaking away from hierarchical ways of working that widely encourage the abuse of power and racism, it is not exempt from structural exclusions either. On the contrary, it lacks diverse perspectives and non-normative bodies, attitudes, narratives, and aesthetics. With workshops on anti-racism and diversity development, we would like to accompany the scene on the process of opening up, sensitize for blind spots and facilitate access to the scene for marginalized persons with empowerment offers.

A third module on press and public relations, audience development, profile building and management will provide concrete assistance in the development and implementation of projects.

The workshop series will be continued after the summer break. We will announce the program in the course of the next few months. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions or proposals.